Mar. 2nd, 2006

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So I did notice that I haven't posted in a while. Life has been very busy, but I was able to sneak in a small vacation in there in February on the break from school. It was really nice, and I actually went skiing for the very first time. Skiing is very hard and while I only did it one day over the break, it was fun enough to try again. Had a wonderful rest of vacation lying about reading books, having other people cook delicious meals, and visiting with friends. The winter weather has been pretty from where I sit looking out the window, but I'm really ready for spring and better weather. I'm going fencing this weekend, and I'm feeling pretty good and we'll see how it goes. I've been trying some new stuff and happy with how it is changing my style. Other than that, things are fairly peaceful other than the little blips of annoyance that constitutes being alive. I'm working on relaxing more and savoring the happy times I get.


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