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Yes, got home okay. It was a long and boring trip. Pennsic was good and bad at the same time. The weather the first week was humid and hot to the point of leaving twice in order to go to the beach. We were too hot and tired to do much of anything but sweat. I hate leaving site, so leaving twice is a biggie. The second week saw rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain, with thunder and lightening and such.

The weather put a certain malaise that couldn't be shook at times. I usually feel exhausted physically and emotionally by Pennsic at the very end, but feel very full in all that I do. This year I hit the physical and emotional wall much earlier and really regret that the weather cancelled, rescheduled, screwed up many of my plans and mischief. However, this is not to say that I didn't get into some real FUN mischief but it wasn't nearly the amount of mischief that I can usually get into in a two week period. There was too much networking and not nearly enough visiting. I will keep that in mind for my future events. The weather and command responsibilities also put an edge on me when dealing with people. I apologize if anyone got caught up in that. Those that spent their time humoring me and making me laugh were greatly appreciated. Pennsic just wasn't set on 11 this year and that is disappointing.

But - I did have fun. I got to get together with many friends that I don't get the chance to aside from Pennsic. I thank goodness for my household which is so supportive and downright fun and adult. I enjoyed flying screeching monkeys, sitting under the two car appreciating my friends, running through the woods like a nut, and buying a new bow. My life is not so bad.
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