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Jun. 19th, 2007 08:14 am
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I haven't posted in a while as it gets real busy this time of year when school is winding down and the train will run over you if you don't keep running.

Lots of things happening lately. School is over by Thursday am. I am currently proctoring a student taking a final exam while pretty much no one else (save a few hard core people) is left in the building. This is giving me time to collect my thoughts. This year has been an extremely difficult year, with budget cuts, increasingly difficult family situations and demands, standardized testing taking over 30 days of school instruction time and me worrying whether I would get tenure. The good news is that I have had some successes that I need to really remember and focus on. Professionally, things are okay.

Around the house, there is much construction. We dove in and decided to renovate the kitchen. A half a bath and a new kitchen is in the works. This means for the last three plus weeks our house has been destruction central. This was after new paint and wood floor for the bedroom upstairs. This also means we have been getting plenty of Pennsic practice, what with cooking outdoors, washing dishes al fresco and wearing flip-flops all the time to protect the feet. I am anxious for this to be over, but amazed at the amount of work, and how nicer and nicer it keeps looking every day. House wise - promising.

Personally, privately - really happy.

Kitten-wise. Finally decided to use soft paws (tm) on the cats to see if we could stop the clawing of the sheetrock. Placed them on Booger who was as sweet as he could be, sitting in my lap like he was getting a manicure. Edmund, on the other hand, was hell on wheels. Didn't like getting his nails clipped, didn't like having them put on, struggled, had Ogedei holding him down, while I tried to put the nail caps on. They are blue. And look really silly cute. However, Edmund didn't like them one bit. By this am when he was purring and mincing and looking for pets and love, I noticed that he had already removed a couple. Sigh. Maybe it will slow him down. We'll see if this will work. They are now almost a year old and probably aren't kittens anymore.

Okay, that was more wordy than I expected.
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When we last left our heroine, she was standing amidst the wine stained
kitchen sighing heavily at her ill-fated words that "cats are easier
than children".

Oh, SOOOOO not so.

Several of you know that I have a lovely laptop which is my 30 pound
telephone. Two weeks ago, one of the kittens pulled a key (the 3 for
those of you keeping count)......OUT of the keyboard. Enough so that it
wouldn't go back in, and the little nubby thing is all that is left.
Chased after cat with water gun, bad kitty, bad kitty. Luckily it was
only the three, something that I don't use a lot .......

Well, apparently, that was just the start.

Today there was some sort of party.

I came home, fired up the computer and went about my afterwork tidying.
Finally got to the computer to find 6 additional keys missing. The
H, and " in addition to a F5 key I never use, plus c and n. Crap!!! I
swear. Loudly. Look around, turn lights on, and begin to find bits and
pieces of H and " and a little TINY piece of F5...... Finally found C
and N, not chewed and managed to reattach, however, typing is now fairly
.........laborious now that I have to push little rubber nubby things
(no comment thomas) rather than keys..... didn't realize how often I
used H. Damn it.....

I'm wondering who they were writing to???????
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And then there were two.

well, two more.

Two new kittens, one black, one golden.  Male and feisty.  Just the way I like them.

Now to work on naming them.


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